Absorption of Fine Aggregate Test Set


ASTM C-128 / AASHTO T-84
For determining the water absorption of fine aggregate at saturated surface dry.

JA-811Cone and Tamper
JA-811.1ConeBrass, 40 mm i.d at the top, 90 mm i.d at the bottom,  75 mm height1pc
JA-811.2TamperMachine steel, galvanized, 340 gr weight, 25 mm dia1pc
JG-363Mixing BowlStainless steel, 25 cm dia.1pc
JG-396Glass Plate10 mm thick, 30 x 30 cm.1pc
JG-412Volumetric Flask500 ml capacity.1pc
JG-820SpatulaPlastic Handle.1pc

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