Hammer Test HT225Q


Metode pengujian hammer test dapat diterapkan untuk menilai keseragaman beton di tempat, untuk menggambarkan variasi kualitas beton di seluruh struktur, dan untuk memperkirakan kekuatan yang telah di aplikasikan


HT-225D concrete hammer is an integrated digital concrete test hammer which combines data processor and test hammer into one unit. It is widely used for non destructive testing quality of concrete and building materials in finished structure or prefabricated blocks. From its rebound value, the compressive strength of concrete can be calculated out automatically. All testing data can be stored in memory and transferred to PC by USB cable or wireless by Blue tooth.

Impact energy: 0.225kgm (2.207J±0.100J), for testing ordinary building and bridge
construction Rigidity of recoiling tension spring: 785±30.0N/m
Length of pointer: 20.0±0.2mm
Friction of pointer: 0.65±0.15n
Spherical radius of recoiling rod: R25±1.0
Active length of recoiling tension spring: 61.5±0.3mm
Impact length of recoiling rod: 75.0±0.3 mm
Initial bouncing position of recoiling hammer: graduated scale”0″+1
Calibration value on steel anvil: 80±2
Graduating position “100” of shell calibration: overlap with the side of positioning gap of calibrator cover plate of the rebound apparatus.
Consistency of test indicating value: ≦±1
Operating Temperature: -4ºC-+40ºC

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