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JUal hammer test matest c386n

Metode pengujian hammer test dapat diterapkan untuk menilai keseragaman beton di tempat, untuk menggambarkan variasi kualitas beton di seluruh struktur, dan untuk memperkirakan kekuatan yang telah di aplikasikan

Hammer test Matest C386N



This digital concrete test hammer, microprocessor operated, entirely designed and manufactured by Matest with advanced technology, performs basic concrete testing with continuous automatic recording of all parameters in accordance with EN 12504-2 Specifications, register and process data and then transfer them to a PC The unit consists of the standard mechanical model C380, but equipped with an electronic transducer that measures the rebound values and supplies automatically the results on a graphic display.


Impact energy: 2.207 Joule (Nm)
Measuring range: 10 – 120 N/mm²
Interface: USB
Power source: 6 rechargeable batteries AA NiMh 2400mA/hour
Battery life: 60 hours with automatic shut down
Operating temperature: -10°C +60°C
Supplied complete with data transfer software, data transfer USB cable, battery charger, abrasive stone, carrying case.


C386n Hammer Test Matest




Manufacture MATEST
Country Origin ITALY
Product Name Matest C386N



  • Proving ring
  • Dial indicator.
  • Magnetic Dial Holder
  • Cent 0-Gram Balance 311
  • Triple Beam Balance Local
  • Heavy Duty Solution Balance Ohaus
  • Platform Scale 150 kg caps
  • Drying Oven 
  • Hot Plate 1500 Watt
  • Water Bath
  • Square Pan 
  • Rectangular Pan .
  • Round Pan
  • Mixing Bowl 
  • Sample Can
  • Thin Box,
  • Glass Plate.
  • Graduated Cylinder Glass
  • Volumetric Flask 
  • Beaker Glass 
  • Dessicator
  • Evaporating 
  • Wash Bottle 
  • ASTM Thermometer
  • Manometer 
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