Air Permeability of Portland Cement


jual air permeability of portland cement

ASTM C-204 / AASHTO T-153
For determining fineness of porland cement by air permeability
JE-101 Stand Polished wood 1 pc
JE-102 U-Tube Manometer Glass tubing with valve. 1 pc
JE-103 Permeability Cell Stainless steel. 1 pc
JE-104 Perforated Disc Non corroding metal. 1 pc
JE-105 Plunger Stainless steel. 1 pc
JE-107 Stock Solution Dibutylphtalate. 0,3 ltr
JE-108 Filter Paper Type 1, grade B. 1 box
JG-473 Funnel Glass. 1 pc

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