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This Penetrometer is mainly used for Soil investigation in place. The Penetration rod is pressed in the soil by hydraulic pump, driver by Gasoline Engine.

JS-720.1Hydraulic Dutch Cone Penetrometer5 ton capacity1Unit
JS-720.2Hydraulic Pumpdriver by gasoline engine hand starter1Unit
JS-720.3Sounding Rod & Plunger100 cm length20Pcs
JS-720.4Push and Pull Adaptor1Set
JS-720.5Spiral Anchor25 cm dia4Pcs
JS-720.6Mantle Cone60 deg tip1Pc
JS-720.7Friction Cone60 deg tip1Pc
JS-720.8Handle and T-Piece1Set
JS-720.9Wrench Set1Box
JS-720.10Long Fasten Press2Pcs
JS-720.11Short Fasten Press2Pcs
JS-720.12Manometer60 Kg/cm21Pc
JS-720.13Manometer500 Kg/cm21Pc

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