Sondir Hidrolik 10 Ton


This Penetrometer is mainly used for Soil investigation in place. The Penetration rod is pressed in the soil by hydraulic pump, driver by Gasoline Engine.

TypePart NameSpecificationQty
JS-720.1Hydraulic Dutch Cone Penetrometer10 ton capacity1Unit
JS-720.2Hydraulic Pumpdriver by gasoline engine hand starter1Unit
JS-720.3Sounding Rod & Plunger100 cm length20Pcs
JS-720.4Push and Pull Adaptor1Set
JS-720.5Spiral Anchor25 cm dia4Pcs
JS-720.6Mantle Cone60 deg tip1Pc
JS-720.7Friction Cone60 deg tip1Pc
JS-720.8Handle and T-Piece1Set
JS-720.9Wrench Set1Box
JS-720.10Long Fasten Press2Pcs
JS-720.11Short Fasten Press2Pcs
JS-720.12Manometer150 Kg/cm21Pc
JS-720.13Manometer1000 Kg/cm21Pc

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